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AB Academy Theatre School


Trinity Exams

Students have the opportunity to take Trinity Exams every year in:

Acting, Speech and Drama, Performing Text, Performance Arts, Communication, Musical Theatre.

These examinations compliment the National Curriculum and from Grade 6 upwards are awarded UCAS points for University and serves as an internationally recognised record of their personal achievement.

As the students progress through the levels they build self confidence and self esteem and acquire new skills.

The Academy enters students for all grades, from Preliminary to FTCL (Level 7) 


All students can participate in Festivals, classes range from speech and drama, singing to instrumental.

This is optional to students at the Academy, though encouraged by the staff.

We believe it is a fantastic opportunity for students to work to performance standard. Receive feedback from a professional Actor/Musician and to view other students work, which is a wonderful learning opportunity.

The Academy enters groups for acting scenes and devised classes, as this is a positive way for shy or new performers to gain skills and confidence in their own ability.

The Academy often enters the choir, the AB Singers, having won throughout the North West of England for many years.