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AB Academy Theatre School


Saturday Stage School 

 Saturday Stage School provides Performing Arts tuition that is enjoyable,fun and educational. We aim to build confidence, discipline, skill and more importantly we help young people achieve their potential and become confident young people.

Whether they want to do it as a hobby or a career we may be the place..... THE FIRST WEEK IS FREE!, small classes, we also have Children's Agency for those who want to work in the business.

We have some vacancies for Saturday Stage School. We are looking for 

talented young people who love to perform aged 3 -18yrs.

Some scholarships and assisted places available.

Phone 0161 429 7413 or 07913278356 to book a place and say if you would like 

to be considered for an assisted place.


10.00-11.10 this includes dance,drama, story telling, theatre choir


9.00am - 9-10am Registration


9-15am - 12pm this includes dance, drama, theatre choir, individual speech/acting tuition

Act 2 & 3

9-15am - 10-45am Dance followed by tuck break

11am - 12pm Theatre Choir

12pm -1-30pm Drama

Act 4

9-15 - 10-45am Theatre Choir/Speech

10-45 - 11am tuck break

11am - 12pm Dance

12pm - 1-30pm Drama

The Three Disciplines - Acting

Act 1

Simple drama games, story telling, acting out nursery rhymes, imaginative play creating scenes, speech tuition, individual drama/speech. This includes poems and short excerpts from plays for the 6+years.

ACT 2 & 3 (7-10yrs, 11-13yrs)

Drama games, encouraging team work and self confidence. Speech, correct speech shaping vowel sounds using 't', often absent and 'th' often said as 'f', choral speech. Improvisation, students are divided into groups or pairs. Spontaneous, the group is given a topic or opening sentence to build a scene without preparation. Prepared, the groups are given an idea from which they have an allotted time to prepare a scene. Script work, students are paired or grouped to perform a scene from a play. WIthin this age group, basic acting skills are developed, emphasis is on confidence to perform, quick reactions, imagination, team work. Students learn how to present believable characters to the audience, and are encouraged to develop at their own pace. Groups are chosen to enable the stronger actors to lead the less confident members. Individual work is given to all students for preparation at home, a member of staff will work on a one to one basis within the lesson.

ACT 4 (14yrs +)

Drama skills are more concentrated, students develop quick improvisational reactions and follow a wide range of moods and situations. Brecht and Stanislavski, the two chief practitioners are studied. Students cover speech, script work, mime, physical theatre, Shakespeare. Individual work is structured. Use of voice, breathing, vocal tone quality, role play, focus centred concentration, energising work.

All group members have individual pieces and duologues to prepare at home, for one to one tuition.

 Theatre Choir

Act 1

Simple vocal ups, working on intonation. Songs, simple with repetitive words and music from Walt Disney and other children's theatre music.

Act 2 & 3

Breathing exercises, vocal exercises, work on clapping rhtym patterns, memorising vocal patterns. Intonation, tone quality. Songs in unison and 2/3 parts by various composers. Usually from musicals learnt in preparation for productions.

Act 4

Breathing and vocal exercises. Songs in four parts Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. Well known songs from musicals, middle of the road pop. Developing sight reading and use of ear. Sustaining an individual line,


Act 1

Warm-ups, preliminary ballet, tap, basic steps, modern, street. The main emphasis on rhythmic awareness, correct body shape, dance memory. Simple repetitive routines.

ACT 2 & 3

Warm ups. The group will work at Jazz, Tap, Street,. Emphasis on body control, rhythmic awareness, energising the whole body, team work, dance memory. A wide range of musical stimulus. Tap basic steps within the capabilities of the whole group.

Act 4

As Act 2 & 3, but a higher standard is expected with greater flexibility and dance memory.

Upcoming Events


Thursday, Feb 4 at 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Stage School

Saturday, Feb 6 at 9:15 AM - 1:30 PM


Tuesday, Feb 9 at 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Thursday, Feb 11 at 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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